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7L x 10W x 14H Inches Corrugated Brown Box (7 Ply Triple Wall)


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Procure the finest 7 Ply Corrugated Boxes at the most competitive rates, directly from the production facility of Khiljee Packaging – India’s premier Corrugated Box Manufacturer. This ensures you receive unparalleled quality at the optimal price point.

Enjoy complimentary shipping and nationwide delivery spanning 300+ cities in India.

Endorsed and relied upon by leading Indian manufacturers, logistics giants, e-commerce enterprises, and SMEs.

Our 7 ply corrugated boxes stand as a testament to our commitment to sustainability, being 100% Recyclable.


Discover the Ultimate Solution for Robust Shipments with our Triple Wall 7 Ply Corrugated Boxes – Your Ideal Choice for Heavy Loads

With a swift 7-day dispatch time, we, as the manufacturer, assure you the most competitive price, direct from our ISO 9002 Certified Factory.

Unmatched Satisfaction – We guarantee a 100% Refund at any time, no questions asked!

Engineered to international E-commerce guidelines, ensuring unwavering Consistent Quality. Your Quality Assurance is our commitment.

Highly recommended for E-commerce enterprises and diverse industries.

Crafted to International Standards, these boxes provide unparalleled protection.

Easy-Packing Solution – Simply Pack and Ship with utmost ease.

We delight in serving small quantities, championing simplicity for all Sellers.

Extended Protection – Safeguard your valuable products during transportation. Lower Packaging Costs – Achieve enhanced protection with less material.

Source Reduction – Optimal protection using minimal packaging materials.

Damage Reduction – Mitigate the need for extra packaging materials when shipping replacements.

Flexible Artwork Printing Options for Packaging Cartons

Select the “Print your artwork” option from the product menu if available.

Print Single Color Artwork on Two Large sides of the box with a minimum order quantity of 500 boxes.

Print Multi Color Artwork on All sides of the box with Coating, with a minimum order quantity of 3000 boxes.

Upload your artwork during the order or email it to info@khiljeepackaging.com

No artwork? No problem. Share your logo or even just your brand name, and our expert team will craft artwork for you, free of charge.

Our Designing Team will collaborate with you, ensuring your complete satisfaction with the design.

The process typically takes 3-7 Days, depending on your needs.

Once the artwork is finalized, expect 4-9 days for printing and dispatch in case of single-colour artwork, and 7-13 days for multi-colour artwork.

Zero charges for Prepress, Designing, Cylinder, plate making, or Films – No Time Cost.

Purchase E-commerce Boxes and Cartons Online at www.khiljeepackaging.com

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  2. Our modern infrastructure ensures superior carton box quality, easily tailored to your needs.
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  12. Durable, cost-effective, and sustainable, our boxes deliver a high strength-to-weight ratio.
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  14. With delivery across India, we’re your one-stop shop for online packaging and shipping needs.
  15. Experience Export-Quality Excellence with our 7L x 10W x 14H Inch E-commerce Brown Box Double Wall – 7 Ply
  16. Crafted with 7 Ply export-quality strength for optimal durability and dryness.
  17. Made from single-wall C flute E-commerce fiberboard, meeting the highest standards.
  18. Utilizes 25 ECT E-commerce materials for robustness.
  19. Ideal for shipping gifts, office supplies, electronics, and household items.
  20. Embrace sustainability with 100% recyclable materials – Environmentally Responsible.
  21. Enjoy the convenience of a GST Invoice.
  22. Minimum Order Quantity: 100

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